Coca-Cola’s online presence

As part of our New Technologies for Marketers module in college my group has to evaluate Coca-Cola’s online presence through all social media platforms. Have a look at our video to see the work we have done. 



Remarketing – Useful Marketing Tool or Cyber Stalking?

Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google. When people leave your site without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers again. You can even show them a tailored message or offer that will encourage them to return to your site and complete a purchase.

Useful marketing tool…..or cyber stalking?

I feel that remarketing can be a very valuable marketing tool especially if it is used right. However it it is abused it can cross that line into cyber stalking or just a very annoying brand that it following you around the internet. Remarketing is a valuable way of reconnecting with your customers, especially those customers that have not fully made up their mind as to buy your product or not. Sometimes these kind of customers just need a gentle push in the right direction, and remarketing can do that exactly.


I know this from past experiences, looking at those expensive shoes, or a pretty party dress you know you shouldn’t buy and you leave them in your basket or wish list for a few days while you make up your mind, but what about if you forget about those shoes and they are gone when you go back to find them, remarketing eliminates this problem. I have found this marketing tool very beneficial especially around payday, it reminds you to go back and get those things you so desperately need.

However there should be a cut-off time on this marketing tool. There is nothing that frustrates consumers more than clicking on a product and a month later still having that product advertised to you on your sidebar, chances are if they haven’t purchased it by now they have lost interest in it. This is when it crosses that line from a useful marketing into cyber stalking, it can also create a bad image or word of mouth around the brand if people get fed up with seeing the same website remarketed to them on an ongoing bases.

To answer the question, yes remarketing can be a very useful marketing tool however there is a fine line between morketing tool and cyber stalking and companies need to be aware of this.

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Snapchat…..just a fad?



Snapchat is an app for smartphones and tablets, it allows you to take a photo and send it to a group of friends and they can only view it for a few seconds and then it is gone forever, unless they are fast enough to screenshot. It has inspired a whole new way of communication, before Snapchat I would never have sent a picture to a group of friends as it would have cost too much for a multimedia message, but now everyone can send pictures to keep friends and family updated on whats going on around them. It is particularly convenient for communicating with friends and family abroad to keep in touch and show their new adventures on their travels.

If you do get screenshot, this can happen. #snapchatfail

Do I think it’s just a fad….. A fad is defines as: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived; a craze, by this definition I both agree and disagree, Snapchat is very widely shared and the craze caught on extremely quickly, so by that reasoning one would assume it to be a fad, however who knows its lifespan. Snapchat is now in circulation since July 2013 and it is still going strong, who is to say how long it is to live for, but yes, from this assumption I would have to say that Snapchat is in fact a fad. It may not last like Facebook and other social media sites as they is no history and content stored in Snapchat so it makes it easier for users to walk away from it, however this is also an appealing feature for some people as they do not have to worry about “creepers” as you would have on Facebook.

Snapchat has evolved so quickly that businesses are now beginning to use it as a way of promotions, competitions and also just to build relationships with customers and a buzz around their brand.

Club Light Mallow

Club Light Mallow

This popped up in my news feed just a few weeks ago, a local nightclub were communicating with customers through Snapchat and the ones who followed the instructions given in their story gained free entry to the nightclub. This was a very clever way of communicating with customers as their target market are the generation of the “selfies”. However there is a debate forming whether users will disappear if companies and brands begin to advertise through Snapchat, I don’t think this will be a problem as you have to accept people before you can see their snaps and if you don’t want to be bothered by brand you can simply not add them to your friends list.

As we cannot determine how long Snapchat will be around for, I recommend that businesses should make the most of Snapchat while they can, it will be most effective for bars and clubs as they will be able to share drink promotions with loyal customers.

If it is just a fad make the most of it while you still can and keep taking selfies! 🙂

You can see here that Snapchat  may just be a fad as they were hacked recently.

Look at this video to make the most out of your Snapchat.

Why businesses should blog.

There are many reasons why businesses should blog and I will go through the main reasons why I feel businesses should blog now.

One of the main reasons for businesses to blog is that it humanises the company or brand. This can be a very effective way of communicating with customers as nobody wants to be supporting a brand if there is no evidence of human interaction, if everything is automatic and computorised within your company and website customers will move to a competitor where they are communicated with by a real person that they can interact with. A business blog can provide customers with timely and relevant information on the product and services that the company offer, it also gives customers the opportunity to comment on your blog if they have any queries within what you are blogging about. This will give the company an opportunity to resolve any queries promptly and efficiently.

A blog can also fuel your search engine optimisation (SEO), this is when if someone googles your company that your blog or website will come up in the first couple of results on the search engine.

According to a recent Hotspot survey 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. This statistic alone should show you how valuable a blog can be for your business.

As today is a world that revolves around social media all businesses need to make a social media presence, and blogging can give you content to share on your Facebook and twitter pages and it can also be a way to draw social media users onto your website to view more blogs.

Blogging can be a place where you let your brands personality shine. You can let customers know exactly what the company is like, it is a great medium where you can bring the brand to life, you don’t always have to use a character to bring a brand to life, why not use your employees, let them create blogs so customers can see the personality shine in all elements of the company.

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5 tips to follow whe setting up a facebook page

There is no point in setting up a Facebook for your company if it is not effective and there is no one looking at it. I am going to give you five tips to follow when creating a Facebook page which will hopefully help you improve your Facebook page.

1. Customise the URL
Customising the URL is possibly one of the most important things you can do for a company’s facebook page. If a company has a Facebook page they are going to want to put the URL on marketing campaigns to generate a large fan base and if the URL is not relevant to the company’s name and has a lot of numbers and letters in it, it could possibly turn people off looking up the page and it also looks unprofessional. However, you can only change this once, so when you do it, do so wisely.

2. Create useful content before publishing the page.

There is mo point in making the page and inviting people to like it straight away, take time to create content and make the page appealing and creative so that you are happy with it before inviting people to like it. If you publish the page too quickly and have no content shared, it may look unprofessional and people may not be inclined to like the page.

3. Share the page.

Once you are satisfied with how the page looks, invite people to like your page and encourage them to share the page with other friends. When launching a page it may be useful to run a like and share competition to encourage people to share the page and generate a large following on Facebook.

4. Choose an appropriate thumbnail and cover image.

Facebook users are constantly bombarded with different pages to like, so make sure the first thing they see in your page stands out. Make sure the thumbnail especially reflects the brand, a logo or product range is always a good choice, however make sure that the image fits into the thumbnail correctly and that you do not only see half the image when it shows up on your news feed as this looks very unprofessional for your brand. Have different pictures for your thumbnail than your cover image, if you have your product in the thumbnail don’t repeat it in the cover image be creative in your content.

5. Use your Facebook page in your marketing campaigns

If you have created a Facebook page why not use your other marketing materials to promote your facebook page to create an interest in your social media marketing. Link your offline marketing to your online marketing especially now that “word of mouth” has evolved to “world of mouse” it is a necessity to have both an online and offline presence. Once you have the company established on Facebook and the page has a lot of likes you will then be able to share content that will interest your followers and you will be able to keep in contact with customers and let them know of any changes to business or offers that you may have. Once you have a customised URL it should be used on most marketing material to support the company’s social media presence.

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